wkc is a Berlin-based design project

Latest project

The ICS is a multimodal hanging system for curtains and textiles. Featuring hooks, clamps, and a movable rod, this system replaces the conventional curtain pole and track, allowing for easy installation on walls or ceilings. The rod can be used to suspend, arrange and drape the textiles in diverse configurations and shapes. All ICS components are made from polished stainless steel and produced locally in Berlin. Each standard set comprises two hooks, two clamps, and an add-on which is adaptable to rods with a maximum diameter of 25mm.

ICS is a project initiated by Berlin-based design studio wkc and developed collaboratively with the designer Benjamin Brenner. The system is available as made-to-order. International shipping to selected countries.

Orders via hello@wkc-design.com
Credits photos: Studio Chair, Eli Zaza Moysiopoulou, Lotto Studio
the ICS multimodal hanging system for curtains and textiles